Thursday, 28 August 2014

Kenny "Dope" presents the Bucketheads 'The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)'

Chart Peak: 5
'The Bomb' is an infectious disco dance floor gem out of Brooklyn, New York City... Kenny is half of hot production team Masters At Work and this cut exploded into the UK Top 5 in March '95.
Mondegreens or misheard lyrics are hardly uncommon in pop music, but it's more unusual to find one in the very title of a song. Yet, famously, that's what we have here as this track is based on 'Street Player' by Chicago, and the lyric that gives the song its (sub)title was recorded as "Street sounds falling through my mind". Here I'm reminded of a tweet by the critic Simon Price where he mentions that he once paid £20 for an imported Chicago CD just to hear the source of the sample; whatever you might say about changes in the music industry since 1995, some things have definitely improved for the consumer.

The other unusual thing about this is that it's a 1990s dance track that I actually liked at the time. Perhaps it's hypocritical of me after what I wrote about 'U Sure Do' but I think this is an example of a sample used right: mind you, I wasn't willing to spend £20 to listen to Chicago, a band I knew only for their sappy ballads, so I only knew this interpretation. I still prefer this one though, one of the best neo-disco tracks of that era, with that odd crunching sound that keeps coming in over it giving it a bit more bite and stopping it from sounding like a Muzak pastiche. The other proviso is that I've only heard the short edit versions - as featured here - and not the full 15-minute version, which I suspect would be a bit more boring. At this length, though, a triumph.

You can now acquire the Chicago track for considerably less money on Nile Rodgers Presents Disco Inferno should you wish.

Available on: Henry Street Bombs Vol. 1

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