Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alex Party 'Don't Give Me Your Life'

Chart Peak: 2
Alex Party are Italian brothers Paulo {sic} and Gianni Visnadi and DJ/Remixer Alex Natale together with English singer Shanie... 'Don't Give Me Your Life' had raced to No. 2 in the UK by 5/3/95.
Second track on Disc 2, and as you might expect we continue with the dance tracks that tend to dominate the second discs of Now albums in the mid-90s. A somewhat "purer" dance act than the Outhere Brothers rap/dance hybrid, Alex Party were named after a track that was named after their DJ. However the Visnadi brothers, also members of Livin' Joy, may have been more important to the sound.

'Don't Give Me Your Life' recycles elements from their eponymous hit, particularly those twinkling synth parts, but adds a fresh melody and lyric. That's just as well since the song was later re-worked again as 'Read My Lips'. This is probably the best version though, at least it has a bit of a story to tell with a rejected lover turning the tables and rejecting the rejector. Shanie is a decent singer too, even though she looks like she's been forced to do the video at gunpoint. This doesn't quite cross the boundary into being a song I love, but I can recognise it as a good example of its type.

Also appearing on: Now 32
Available on: The Best Off Dance 90 [Explicit]

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