Saturday, 2 August 2014

Janet Jackson 'Whoops Now'

Chart Peak: 9

'Whoops Now' is the 6th hit single from the 10 million plus selling Janet album... It flew into the UK Top 10 on release and looks set to become one of her biggest British hits.
Actually, they miscounted: 'Whoops Now' and its double A-side partner 'What'll I Do' became the seventh UK single release from the album. In the event, the single only climbed one position from its entry point of 10 before starting to decline - hardly an atypical run by mid-90s standards, of course but it seems that a littl more was expected of it. Maybe the fact that the album had been in the shops for approximately 22 months by this point might have depressed sales a little.

As a song itself, 'Whoops Now' is actually quite catchy, one song I can remember quite liking at the time. It's a retro number, placed at the end of her album (as a hidden track in some territories) and offers a more light-hearted sound than the rather insistent I-am-making-a-statement mood of a lot of her songs. In fact, it's easy-going almost to a fault, slipping down so easily it's hard to notice the difference between verses and choruses. And as often happens when listening to a pastiche some twenty years later, it has a bit of a weird effect now, neither quite one thing or the other. A lot of Jackson's music has a slightly hermetic atmosphere around it for me, as if she's not quite prepared to let the listener in, but is performing behind glass for us, and for all its charm there's still an element of that here that leaves this a track to enjoy rather than love.

Also appearing on: Now 8, 26, 38, 39, 40 41, 49, 53 (with Beenie Man)
Available on: The Best

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