Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shut Up And Dance 'Save It Till The Mourning After'

Chart Peak: 25

Duo PJ and Smiley are Shut Up And Dance - they caused a storm with their 1992 smash 'Raving I'm Raving' which reached No. 2 despite being deleted on release... 'Save It Till The Mourning After', based on Duran Duran's 1982 classic, is due for release on 20/3/95.
There's already been a bit of an Eighties theme in the last few tracks, thanks to Simple Minds, The Human League and Sting, so a partial return of Duran Duran seems only fitting. The "classic" referred to in that note is, for those who don't know, 'Save A Prayer', whence this track gets its chorus and punning title.

'Raving I'm Raving' was a track that arguably made No.2 because it was deleted (due to an uncleared sample) and there was a rush to purchase it while people had the chance - presumably this is also why it never made it to a Now album, though a legalised version was later released on one of their albums. Because of that song I'd kind of remembered them as a dance act - and a dance track looping the Duran Duran track would not be a surprising thing to find - so I was faintly surprised that this is in fact a slightly inept socially conscious hip-hop track. It obviously means well but the targets are a bit obvious and there's not a lot of sharp observation or verbal dexterity, and unfortunately I don't really like the Duran song enough to really enjoy this but I have some respect for it.

Available on: Black Men United

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