Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Strike 'U Sure Do'

Chart Peak: 4 [31 in 1994]
Strike are DJs Andy Gardner and Matt Cantor plus Australian vocalist Victoria Newton... 'U Sure Do', a huge club tune for some months now, is set for re-release on 20th March '95 and is bound for the national Top 10.
It obviously was not uncommon for a dance track to be a minor hit at first and then chart much higher re-released, though this does seem to have been a remarkably quick turnaround.

The main vocal hook is, as fans of 80s soul would know, sampled from 'Serious' by Donna Allen, which has the most 1987 video imaginable. The tune comes from 1991 rave hit 'Night In Motion' by Cubic 22 which I hadn't heard until I came to write this post, and it has to be said that whilst it's not a direct lift, and Strike certainly have added some of their own material, it's harder to credit them for catchiness that's obviously so secondhand. Yes, it's well-produced and from a 1995 perspective you can see that it would have been more "relevant" than Donna Allen and more commercial than Cubic 22. You can certainly see why it would go down well in clubs but it does feel a wee bit pointless now.

Also appearing on: Now 35
Available on: Big Tunes Destination Dance

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