Friday, 6 November 2015

Room 5 featuring Oliver Cheatham 'Make Luv'

Chart Peak: 1 (4 weeks)
Released on 24/03/03, 'Make Luv' is, of course, that slab of funky uplifting house from the Lynx ad... Brought to you by Roon 5 aka Vito Lucente aka Junior Jack and the re-recorded vocals of Detroit soul legend Oliver Cheatham courtesy of his 1983 anthem 'Get Down Saturday Night'.
I never saw the advert. Inevitably though I remember the song, and I particularly remember Mark & Lard mocking the name of the act as excessively generic. "Everyone who's ever been in a band surely always wanted to be in a band," I recall Mark Radcliffe once saying, so why couldn't they come up with something a bit more interesting? With hindsight, presumably the number of other pseudonyms Vito Lucente had already used made him feel a bit tired of coming up with names, but there's no getting away from the fact that it sounds a bit like a dull day at the office. Despite this I didn't mind the song itself although it was hard to get excited about and seemed to outstay its welcome somewhat.

I don't think I'd heard 'Get Down Saturday Night' - a song that barely scraped the Top 40 in both the UK and the US - in its original form at that time. To be honest, it does make this record seem a lot less impressive when you know it's just a simplified version of the original, although at least the middle-8 that Lucente left out got recycled and sampled on another track that ends up on a later Now album. And 20 years didn't seem to have done Cheatham's vocals any harm at all; listening closely, you can tell it's a different take but his singing is just as good. Sadly he died a decade later. So 'Make Luv' is an OK track but it doesn't make me want to buy it. Or deodorant.

Available on: Funky House Classics

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