Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Appleton 'Don't Worry'

Chart Peak: 5
Nic and Nat Appleton were of course half of All Saints until their split in February 2001... 'Son't Worry', the follow-up to last year's 'Fantasy', became the duo's 2nd Top 5 hit in February 2003.
I have to admit that when I did a feature about Canadian acts appearing on Now albums, I totally forgot about Appleton, even though I got as far as excluding All Saints for their two UK-born members. The two Ontario-born sisters can actually claim to be the most successful - or at any rate the least unsuccessful - of all the All Saints spin-off acts, with their two Top 10 singles and Top 10 album, although their career was not a long one and they seem little-remembered now.

By far the most surprising thing about 'Don't Worry' is that I actually quite like it, despite a lack of enthusiasm for almost anything they did before or after it. It has a slightly halting quality which actually makes it more rather than less effective, as if the assurance of the title is actually needed. With an unexpectedly understated production it was a pleasant surprise from two people I'd always thought of as more like professional celebs than anything I was interested in. Count me out next time there's an All Saints reunion though.

Also appearing on: Now 53, 55
Available on: Wedding Night (International Version)

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