Thursday, 12 November 2015

Melanie C 'Here It Comes Again'

Chart Peak: 7
'Here It Comes Again was the lead track from Melanie's 2nd solo album Reason, the follow-up to her multi-platinum 1999 debut Northern Star... Looking back on her days in the Spice Girls, she says, "I was the one who was most serious about my music and the most driven."
As of 2003, people had officially started talking about the Spice Girls in the past tense, even though they hadn't officially announced a split in the way that Take That did and four of them had returned to the group after the first wave of group activity. So Melanie Chisholm will have approached her second solo set as her main creative outlet, though it's hard to tell whether this in practice meant greater personal expression or more commercial pressure. It does seem a bit made-by-committee in places, with various big-name co-writers and producers called in for various tracks, although oddly the collaborators here were both members of the Blow Monkeys. 'Here It Comes Again' is a song that I remembered as having a rather lovely chorus and it is indeed pretty good, but slightly messed up by the crunchy rock guitars low in the mix, as if it's trying too hard to hedge its bets. In the event it didn't do as well as expected, entering only at 7 and hastening the end of her major-label contract.

Also appearing on: Now 44, 45 (with "Left Eye"), 47, 55
Available on: Here It Comes Again

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