Thursday, 26 November 2015

One True Voice 'Sacred Trust'

Chart Peak: 2


Matt Johnson, Jamie Shaw, Daniel Pearce, Anton Gordon and Keith Semple are One True Voice, the boys from Pop Stars: The Rivals... Their version of the Bee Gees 'Sacred Trust' famously peaked at No2 just before Xmas 2002, but still went on to sell over a quarter of a million copies.
Famously at the time, certainly although it might be lucky for OTV that most people have forgotten this record ever existed, so comprehensively was it outclassed by the Girls Aloud track earlier on this album. Everything seemed ill-judged from the start, even the name of the group, which just makes me think that the other four voices must have been untrue.

Very much a latter-day Bee Gees composition, their version of the song was recorded in 1998 but only saw release on their final studio album This Is Where I Came In in 2001. I'm sure I remember reading that it had been rejected by other boybands before the Gibb brothers gave in and issued their own version. In fact co-writer Maurice Gibb died in January 2003 while this song was still in the chart.

As an album track it remained little-known - especially to a young audience - so you can sort of see why Pete Waterman thought it had some potential as a hit, but in the event it seems to show how little he'd moved on from his glory days because the song just seems tired, almost as much of a misstep as when he tried to write a song for Eurovision. At least the Bee Gees were already old enough to suit this material, but One True Voice just sound bored by themselves. Waterman reportedly lost interest in the project soon afterwards and the band split after only one more single. Still, oneof them did eventually get to enjoy a Number One single, as Daniel Pearce is the uncredited vocalist on 'Nobody To Love' by Sigma.

Also appearing on: Now 55
Available on: Top 40 - 2000s

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