Monday, 23 November 2015

Jaimeson featuring Angel Blu 'True'

Chart Peak: 4

Rappers Jaimeson and Angel Blu fused drum'n'bass rhythms with UK garage to create the catchy, danceable tune that is 'True', it was a monster No. 4 smash in January 2003.
Well I remember the days when it felt like this was the only record on the Radio 1 playlist, back in the days when that used to move more slowly than the singles chart. Of course the impression was heightened by the roll-call at the start, on which Angel Blu introduces herself, Jaimeson and Steve Feelgood (not sure what if anything he contributes). It's a bit unfortunate that this fundamentally quite likeable track was somewhat ruined by overplay. Angel Blu dominates the track vocally, although Jamie Williams earns his lead credit as the producer and co-writer of the song even if his own rapped vocal seems a bit for the sake of it. There isn't a lot of originality on show here, which might be part of the reason his career proved so brief, but it's fun while it lasts.

I have concluded while writing this post that Jaimeson is the most difficult act name to spell on Now 54. I hope I don't get anyone else's wrong now.

Jaimeson also appears on: Now 56
Available on: Think On Your Feet

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