Monday, 16 November 2015

Darius 'Rushes'

Chart Peak: 5

Darius was brought up on the sounds of the Beatles, George Michael and Alanis Morisette {sic} and got his first guitar at the age of 9!... His debut album has been a huge success and from it came 'Rushes' his 2nd Top 5 single.
Darius Campbell [Darius Danesh as he was then known] had been a contestant on the initial series of both Popstars and Pop Idol. Although neither of these shows involved songwriting he had some experience in the area, claiming to have written this song on the back of a bus ticket at the age of 16 (it shares the same co-writers as the preceding Sinead Quinn track so I suppose they must have been on the same bus). He apparently had something of a reputation as a clown on the shows themselves but he seems to have been aiming for a slightly more serious singer-songwriter image on at least some of his recordings with partial success. This song is still a bit leery, especially when he describes a woman as having "legs she shouldn't hide" - isn't it up to her whether she hides them or not? At least the song seems to be more consistently stupid than the previous track, so it gets away with it but isn't really memorable.

Also appearing on: Now 53, 55, 59, 60
Available on: Dive In (UK Comm CD)

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