Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Boyz II Men '4 Seasons Of Loneliness'

Chart Peak: 10
After a two year absence Boyz II Men hit the charts in September with 'Four Seasons Of Loneliness'... This soulful ballad entered the charts at at No. 10.
This being 1997, it never got any higher than 10 either, though it was a US Number One single: their last and apparently Motown's last too. It wasn't enough for the Four Seasons to get back together and record a song called 'Boyz II Men Of Loneliness' though, alas.

Although not the record-breaking success they were in their homeland, they were a pretty successful act so it's a bit of an oddity that they made their only Now appearance with this track, rather than one of their better known ones; the culprit is of course Motown's reluctance to licence to Now before the Universal/Polygram merger in 1998. This is the third track of the last for to refer to loneliness in the title, which makes me wonder whether Ashley Abram was trying to tell us something and why he didn't move Conner Reeves elsewhere. It's a pretty poor excuse for a song though, relying on vocal gymnastics to cover for the lack of anything memorable. A bit of a weak ending to an album that has some good stuff on it.

Available on: Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection

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