Friday, 16 January 2015

Cast 'I'm So Lonely'

Chart Peak: 14
Cast have had another string of Top 10 hits this year - 'Free Me' - 'Guiding Star' and 'Live The Dream'... Next comes this haunting ballad 'I'm So Lonely' due for release in November '97.
There's always a certain sense of achievement when I get to the last page of the booklet on one of these albums. Like Ocean Colour Scene, Cast had a run of six Top 10 hits in 1996-7, although 'I'm So Lonely' was the track that ended it: Cast did also go on to score a seventh, unlike OCS, but then they never managed a Number One album. Like OCS they were never a remotely cool act to like, though in their early days they did have a strong reputation as a live act.

Although I'd bought their debut album - and not entirely on spec, I had borrowed it first and liked it enough to get my own copy - I never quite got around to picking up second album Mother Nature Calls. I guess the title wasn't exactly encouraging. I do now have all four singles from the album ('Live The Dream' isn't on a Now album but it is on Shine: Best Of '97) and I feel like I might have had the right idea. I do remember some reviews citing 'I'm So Lonely (Calling You Back)' (as it was sometimes called, John Power seemingly a big fan of brackets at this time) as the album's best track and indeed it is a nice bit of pop balladry, more enjoyable than 'Better Day'. But it's not quite the haunting classic it means to be and I keep finding myself willing it to be better than it is.

Also appearing on: Now 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 43
Available on: The Collection

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