Saturday, 3 January 2015

Faithless 'Don't Leave'

Chart Peak: 21 [original version: 34 in 1996]
'Don't Leave', due for release on 3rd November '97, is the new Faithless single... It is taken from the new hot movie A Life Less Ordinary and looks set to follow their other big hits 'Insomnia' and Salva Mea'.
Well, it certainly followed them chronologically. Whether it truly did so in any other sense is a bit more debatable, especially as the song had already been a hit once. Still, it does give them one of only two appearances in the Now series; the song, though is quite different from the big trance anthems they're best known for. It doesn't even feature usual frontman Maxi Jazz: the lead vocal is by Jamie Catto, who also co-wrote the song, which I rather welcome since I tended to find his rather pompous slow rapping off-putting and I was never a big fan of the pounding beats of their typical hits either, much as I recognise that people who were into that music genuinely loved them.

As it turns out, 'Don't Leave' (featured here in the "Hard Mix" by Tindersticks producer Ian Caple) is a sort of soul ballad that fits relatively neatly after Embrace and comes as a pleasant surprise, even if it's more easy listening than truly memorable.

Also appearing on: Now 35
Available on: Now That's What I Call Chilled

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