Saturday, 17 January 2015

Conner Reeves 'Earthbound'

Chart Peak: 14
Following his Top Twenty breakthough with hit single 'My Father's Son' Conner hopes to continue this success with his November single 'Earthbound'
Reeves was one of the first signings to Wildstar, a label set up as a joint venture between Telstar and Capital Radio, with the latter having a vested interest in ensuring airplay for their signings. Unfortunately for them, persuading people to pay for albums was harder than scoring hit singles and few of the acts (with the notable exception of Craig David) managed any sort of long-term success; Reeves was dropped after the first single from a planned second album only made it to Number 28. He never had a Top 10 hit either, though this was one of three Top 20 hits for him.

'Earthbound' - also the title of his album - isn't that exciting a word and the song does a good job of living down to it. It's the sort of dreary male-fronted balladry that is always with us but seldom leaves much mark on posterity, a song that you can well imagine Ronan Keating singing. Reeves has a nice but characterless voice and he doesn't give himself much of interest to do with it. Although the track wasn't actually produced by Steve Mac (it's Grant Mitchell instead) it very much has that sound about it and it's a bit of a struggle to make it through the four-minute running time. And people say Sam Smith makes bland music these days.

Available on: Earthbound

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