Wednesday, 7 January 2015

PF Project featuring Ewan McGregor 'Choose Life'

Chart Peak: 6
PF Project are producers Jaimie White and Moose... The duo sampled Ewan McGregor's opening dialogue from Trainspotting, he liked it and the single is due for release on 3rd November '97.
Yes, Ewan McGregor has had more Top 40 singles than Jackson Browne, which is a fact you might find useful in a pub quiz someday. PF Project also had hits under other names, including the actually quite good 'Sounds Of The Wickedness' by Tzant. By late 1997, Trainspotting must have been out of the cinemas, but its impact continued. You didn't have to spend much time on university campuses to see the poster leering out of windows at you, and the soundtrack album was so successful EMI milked it for a second volume, including tracks not included on the previous selection.

Transpotting 2 also featured the full-length version of this number, which does indeed sample the opening speech from the film, though some of the language has been cleaned up for the radio edit. In context, it's an impressive ironic piece of writing that sets up the complex moral ambiguities of the film (and the book, I suppose, but I've never read that). Played over some generic trance music it's less effective and the thought of it being played in a club for people to sing along to is oddly distasteful. I'm glad I can choose to listen to something else.

Available on: Positiva 21

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