Monday, 19 January 2015

Peter Andre 'Lonely'

Chart Peak: 6
'Lonely' looks all set to become Peter Andre's 6th huge hit in the last 18 months... It follows his previous smashes 'Mysterious Girl', 'Flava', 'I Feel You', 'Natural' and 'All About Us'
Although this was technically from his third album release, there was certainly a bit of second-album syndrome for Peter Andre at this stage. Thanks to clever marketing he was still able to notch up the hit singles, but following up a Number One album with a Number 28 only a year later is the sort of thing that happens to indie bands caught out by a change in fashion, not chart-topping pop stars with impressive abs. 'Lonely' was the second single from the ill-fated Time, and whilst the album featured some rap-oriented guest stars in such of a more "mature" sound, this is stays in typical soppy ballad for the Christmas market territory. I probably haven't heard it since it dropped out of the Top 40 and I'm already struggling to remember it just a few minutes after replaying it; it's a strangely featureless vehicle for Andre's pseudo-Michael-Jackson vocal.

It's not surprising that after a couple more hits he effectively disappeared from pop until reality TV came calling. What happened next was more of a surprise.

Also appearing on: Now 34, 35, 36, 40, 57
Available on: Unconditional Peter Andre Love Songs

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