Saturday, 9 February 2013

Shaggy featuring Grand Puba 'Why You Treat Me So Bad'

Chart Peak: 11


'Why You Treat Me So Bad' was Shaggy's 4th big UK hit... It followed 'Oh Carolina', 'In The Summertime' and 'Boombastic' inot the UK chart in January 1996.

Because Shaggy seems to have been around forever, it's hard to believe he'd only had as few as four hits at this point. Especially since he has had so many hits that failed to stick in the memory, including this utterly forgotten number. As far as I can tell it has no connection to the Club Nouveau song sampled by Luniz a couple of tracks ago, but does contain elements of Bob Marley's 'Mr Brown'. And of course it also features US rapper Grand Puba, a sometime member of Brand Nubians.  I presume his stage name is meant to be pronounced like "poobah", though my brother couldn't resist pronouncing it like the start of the word "pubic"; to be honest, neither version is really optimal for a British audience. But then, this sounds very like an attempt to attract a US audience, although as it turned out it only got 108 over there. Still, it doesn't appeal to me either much.

Also appearing on: Now 24, 31 [with Rayvon], 32, 34 [with Maxi Priest], 48 [with Rikrok], 51 [with Ali G]
Available on: The Best Of Shaggy

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