Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gusto 'Disco's Revenge'

Chart Peak: 9

New Jersy 's happening DJ Gusto flew into the UK chart at No. 9 on 25th February 1996 with the magnificent 'Disco's Revenge'... He will be 25 in July this year.
Another one-off dance appearance, though Gusto did at least manage a second minor hit with a version of 'Let's All Chant' - you'll notice that the record company rather economically used the same footage for both videos. 'Disco's Revenge' itself is presumably so called because it's based on a sample from 'Groovin You', a crossover disco hit by jazz drummer Harvey Mason. Though as so much 90s dance was funk and disco based anyway, it's not really that remarkable a thing to do. Still it makes for an enjoyable if not vastly memorable track with a good bassline (that probably sounds even better through a serious sound system).

Although what we have here is the original near-instrumental version, a more commercially-oriented mix with a full vocal exists and had a video, although how commercial it is to accuse somebody of having a small penis I'm not sure. At least adding a bit of humour makes it more enjoyable than most vocalised dance hits and more engaging than the previous track.

Available on: Anthems 90s

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