Monday, 11 February 2013

Baby D 'So Pure'

Chart Peak: 3


'So Pure' was the third consecutive Top 5 smash for Baby D... It was a No. 3 monster in January 1996 following 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' and 'I Need Your Lovin'.
Fans of 90s dance video cliches will enjoy the fact that the one for this features both non-singing members of the band trying to look hard and people dancing in a scrapyard. I also rather love the fact that the uploader's thought to mention that this peaked at 38 in Sweden.

In an interesting chart career, Baby D had three consecutive Top 3 hits in three consecutive years, although this is by far the least-remembered of them. They scored a fourth Top 40 later in 1996, though their only chart appearance thereafter was a 2000 remix of their chart-topper 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy'. Apparently they've continued to perform but not added to the discography. I can't have heard 'So Pure' for over 15 years before I bought my copy of Now 33 but I was pleased with how it had aged, a combination of their usual house and trance sounds with drum & bass, and a surprisingly good fit too. Maybe not a masterpiece and certainly not their finest work but a track that deserves to be remembered.

Also appearing on: Now 31
Available on: Deliverance

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