Friday, 15 February 2013

Ace Of Base 'Beautiful Life'

Chart Peak: 15

Swedish quartet Ace Of Base have sold a simple staggering 19 million copies of their debut album Happy Nation... This track, 'Beautiful Life', is the first big hit from their new project.
It seems like a fairly specialist definition of "big hit" that encompasses this Number 15 but not 'Lucky Love', which peaked at 20 and hardly seemed to be off MTV Europe back then. It was the first hit from the album in the US, though, where it also peaked at the same position as it did here.

Reading through the tracklisting, I thought this one would be a bit of a departure from the dance sound of the previous few tracks, but this is actually a lot more Eurodance than I remember it. It was apparently written on New Year's Day 1994 so maybe Jonas Berggren (the one with a beard who has nothing to do in the video) had been out clubbing the night before? It would certainly fit in with the happy-clappy mood of the song, even if it doesn't explain why that video shows them being coughed up from a blonde woman's mouth.

Also appearing on: 25, 27, 28, 41, 42
Available on: The Bridge

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