Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ken Doh 'I Need A Lover Tonight'

Chart Peak: 7

'I Need A Lover Tonight' is the lead track from the Ken Doh EP due for release 18th March 1996... It is already huge in clubland and may well disturb the higher echelons of the pop chart in the near future.
I promise I didn't intentionally plan for this song title to show up on this date, but it is sort of neat. Although this track is more commonly known as 'Nakasaki', also the EP title; that is of course a reference to the masked wrestler Kendo Nagasaki who was later sensationally revealed to be... somebody you'd never heard of.

It's handy to have that angle to work on, because this is really just another big-voiced dance anthem, albeit a male voice on this occasion. I suspect that again this vocal was a later addition to the track but it doesn't seem as well-documented as the last couple of numbers. It's definitely the vocal edit on Now 33 this time, anyway. As these sort of efforts go, it's pleasant in the way of, say, 'I Love U Baby' by The Original, but doesn't seem a real standout as either dance or soul.

Available on: The No.1 90s Album

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