Thursday, 7 February 2013

Metapost: some linkage

According to the Iplayer website you've got until 2099 to listen to The Art Of Sequencing, a documentary presented by Guy Garvey (who appears on Now 83), and also featuring Nick Mason from Pink Floyd (Now 66, sort of) and members of Field Music, Van der Graaf Generator and I Am Kloot, who've yet to appear in the series. It also includes a brief contribution from Ashley Abram, compiler of everything from Now II to Now 81, about the sequencing of these albums, in which he refers to the history of Queen's appearances, and their insistence on only appearing at the very start of the albums; his memory isn't totally accurate, as it happens, but it is true that only twice do they appear in a place where they're not at least the start of the side: and one of those is the hidden track of 'A Kind Of Magic' on Now 7.
Anyway, it's an interesting programme in its own right and worth a spare half-hour.

Meanwhile, this piece about people's first record purchases includes a topical addition from one Alex Hannon.

And it would be wrong not to mention our friends and colleagues at The Shine Years and 1p Album Club.

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