Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gat Decor 'Passion (Do You Want It Right Now Edit)'

Chart Peak: 6 [original version: 29 in 1992]


'Passion' has been huge in the clubs for the last 4 years... March 1996 will see it finally hit the UK Top 10 in a very large way indeed.
You know, as ways to hit the Top 10 go, peaking at 6 is only slightly big really. The massiveness of this track  in clubs had in all honesty eluded me, but by all accounts it was being spun regularly ever since its original release back in 1992. According to people who understand this stuff it was a pioneering example of the progressive house sound, and thus progenitor of those piano loops we non-clubbers were so tired of by the mid-90s.

At some point bootlegs began to circulate with the vocals from 'Do You Want It Right Now' by Degrees Of Motion featuring Biti, another club hit that hadn't translated to the Top 20 (itself a cover of an old track recorded by Taylor Dayne and Seidah Garrett). Eventually chief Gat Decorator Simon Slater responded to the demand with a legal version, the vocal re-recorded yet again by session singer Beverley Skeete. Two club hits made one pop hit, apparently, although strangely only one other Gat Decor single has ever emerged, and even that seems not to have charted at all. One reference book claims that this was also used as the theme to Ski Sunday, which I don't really believe. The lyric made another reappearance with Armand Van Helden in 2007, but what Gat Decor have added is not obvious to me.

Available on: Floorfillers Old Skool

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