Thursday, 6 December 2012

Southside Spinners 'Luvstruck'

Chart Peak: 9


Marco V and Benjamin are DJ/producers based in the Netherlands, who have been an influential force in the Dutch dance scene for over two years... 'Luvstruck' is their debut single release as the Southside Spinners, for which they teamed up with vocalist Janny.
The song seems already to have been a couple of years old at this point, but was revived after featuring prominently in the film Kevin And Perry Go Large. Janny is rightly credited here as a vocalist, rather than a singer, since her contribution is entirely spoken and groaned in a way that's presumably supposed to sound sexy. In fact it's more creepy, especially in the context of the video, though that probably wasn't the intention.

The music possibly is best described as functional, but not really enjoyable out of its intended context. Maybe it would have sounded better if we'd never heard 'French Kiss', where the heavy breathing at least fits in.

Available on: Trance - The Early Years (1997-2002)

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