Monday, 10 December 2012

Rank 1 'Airwave'

Chart Peak: 10


Rank 1's huge trance tune 'Airwave' has been championed by DJs from all over Europe, including Judge Jules, ATB, Ferry Corsten and DJ Taucher... Piet Bervoets and Benno De Goeij (aka Rank 1) hooked up at a friend's party 3 years ago and are both respected remixers/producers, having worked with System F, Cygnus X and DJ Jean.
Their biography at Last.FM claims that "they’ve continued to pack out the CD wallets of world’s A-list spinners with speaker-spankers..." but surely big-name DJs don't play CDs? Anyway, they have a decent track record of club hits but their first record as a duo remains their only mainstream hit. Apparently it's rated  as a classic by fans of the genre for reasons frankly beyond my ken (and I mean that as a self-criticism, rather than one of the record itself). At least the radio edit is tactfully brief, and doesn't have too much of the obligatory breathy female vocal.

Presumably they weren't aware of the slang meaning of the word "rank" in some parts of the UK.

Available on: Airwave

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