Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lonyo → Comme Ci Comme Ca 'Summer Of Love'

Chart Peak: 8

Lonyo is already a well-known name in the party resort Agia Napa, where he enjoyed a season as the vocalist behind the big underground record 'Destiny' by Dem2... Influenced by soul greats such as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer and Kool & The Gang, Lonyo took his debut single 'Summer Of Love' into the UK Top 10 in July 2000.
Once Craig David had become the first big pop star of garage, a style initially associated with unseen producers and DJs, it was inevitable that others would emerge, marketed more obviously at a female audience. Lonyo → Comme Ci Comme Ca, possibly the only Top 10 act with a rightward arrow in his name, was an early candidate, blending smoothie soulish vocals with pop-dance tracks. Whilst the beat on 'Summer Of Love' is recognisably two-step, it's much less prominent in the mix and the pace of the rest of the music is much less twitchy and urgent than on the B15 track, for example. Because it's the summer of 2000, there's also a dollop of Latin, courtesy of a sample from the impressively-moustachioed Oscar D'Leon.

It's music for open car windows, rather than dark clubs, and effective enough, but unfortunately for Lonyo it wasn't the start a big career for him: second single 'Garage Girls' only just made the Top 40 and he hasn't charted solo since.

Available on: Big Tunes Destination Dance

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