Monday, 17 December 2012

DJ Luck and MC Neat featuring JJ 'Masterblaster 2000'

Chart Peak: 5

Following the success of their debut single, 'A Little Bit Of Luck', DJ Luck and MC Neat returned to the UK Top 10 in May with 'Masterblaster 2000'. It's twenty years since Stevie Wonder first took lifting reggae classic 'Masterblaster (Jammin'), (written as a tribute to Bob Marley) to No. 2 in the UK chart. 
I suppose they mean that Stevie Wonder's original song was "uplifting", unless it's a typo for "lilting", which wouldn't make much sense. Either way, it's certainly not "hotter than July" as I write this in the middle of December, but the original remains brilliant at any time, proving Stevie's credentials as one of the few pop songwriters able to convey a genuine joy.

 As to this version, though, it's rather thin, as if they were taken by surprise by the slow-burning success of 'A Little Bit Of Luck' and rushed to create follow-up. There are some newly-written lyrics, mainly to replace the now-dated references to Zimbabwe and focus on the party aspect of the song, although they're pretty back-of-an-envelope stuff; nobody gets a credit for writing them, or maybe they just wouldn't admit it. Everything seems half-baked as if it's a dull day in the office and nobody's really trying, and to compound it their next single was a cover version of 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now'. Though they're stylistically different from MJ Cole, and this particular single is a world away from the subtle charm of 'Crazy Love', they did fall prey to the same problem: by the time they got an album out the market had moved on.
Also appearing on: Now 45
Available on: Garage Classics Volume II Summer Edition

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