Friday, 19 March 2010

K-Ci & JoJo 'All My Life'

Chart Peak: 8


Potassium Chloride & JoJo McCann, as my brother used to call them, were in fact the "Jo" and "Ci" from Jodeci, a group I remember being very popular in the Harrow area but by present day standards not that big nationally (they never managed a Top 10 hit or got onto a Now album as a group). This was originally announced as a spin-off project, but possibly because it got to Number One in America the band haven't done anything together in twelve years and counting.

'All My Life' is a predictably slushy ballad, adorned by a sample from Frank Sinatra's vastly superior 'PS I Love You'. It's dedicated to one of their daughters, but song and video hedge their bets enough to make it suitable for weddings and all other occasions. I remember this as another one that seemed to clog up the Top 40 forever, but it was only ten weeks, which doesn't seem so long by today's standards. I was never keen on anything I heard by Jodeci, but this feels even more watered down.

Available on: Love Always

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