Sunday, 7 June 2009

Joe Fagin 'That's Living Alright'

Chart Peak: 3


And here's one of the more dramatic transitions in the series, as the slinky American club groove of Julia & Co is followed by the defiantly British theme tune to the comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen, Pet which of course I wasn't allowed to watch at that age. I remember hearing the song though, because it became such a big hit single (nominally as a double A-side with the opening theme 'Breaking Away' but this was the side that got all the attention).

If the programme itself, about unemployed builders from the depressed North East seeking employment in what was then West Germany, seems an artefact of its time, the record is possibly even more so. Although it's supposed to be a sort of keep-smiling-through singalong, a quarter-century later it sounds very stiffly produced in a way that jars with the mood. Worse (in this context at least) it betrays its origins by not really having a pop song's worth of material, so Fagin virtually has to sing it all twice to make a single and even at less than three minutes it seems to be outstaying its welcome.

Available on: Music From Auf Wiedersehen Pet

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