Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fiction Factory '(Feels Like) Heaven'

Chart Peak: 6


It's a good job I didn't rush through this post. I was about to say something about the Wild Swans but it turned out I was getting Fiction Factory mixed up with the Lotus Eaters. Fortunately, I looked it up just in time.

Anyway, '(Feels Like) Heaven' is another of the songs I know was a big hit 25 years ago, but don't actually recall hearing until much more recently. It's an icy synth-pop track where the hook is supposed to be the contrast between the jingly melody and title and the dark tone of the lyric ("Twisting the bones until they snap"). To these ears, though, it doesn't quite work now. The whole mood of the track is too stark to create the tension, and when the protagonist is accused of being "cold to touch" it's tempting to agree.

Although this was a global hit and and advertiser's favourite, they never managed another Top 40 single in the UK. One of them later became an IT technician at Dundee University.

Available on: Throw the Warped Wheel Out

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