Friday, 26 June 2009

Big Country 'Wonderland'

Chart Peak: 8


I took my time about starting to write this one, because I know Big Country are an important band to some people, even though I don't remember them all that much. And of course I'm also aware of the tragic end to Stuart Adamson's life. I was trepidatious because I didn't expect to like it much and didn't want to be mean.

'Wonderland' was a non-album single between their first two LPs, and not one of the couple of Big Country songs I can recall from the time: although it's not the sort of thing to capture a child's attention so I probably wouldn't have noticed much if I did. To an adult me, though, it's actually not that bad: compared to my vague recollection of how the band sounded, the rhythm section seem to have retained more of the post-punk twitchiness than I'd have thought. I can imagine that if I'd grown up with this music and the context it was recorded in, I might rather have liked it. I still don't think the guitars sound like bagpipes, mind.

Also appearing on: Now 4, 7, 8
Available on: Through a Big Country: The Greatest Hits

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