Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Snowy White 'Bird Of Paradise'

Chart Peak: 6


Another name and title that didn't mean a lot to me, but at least this had already proved itself to be a Top 10 single before the sleeve went to press. Snowy White, I learn, is one of the many ex-guitarists from Thin Lizzy, having been recruited there from Pink Floyd of all places. His only major solo hit is in a similar style to the work of his fellow ex-Lizzy; slow paced adult-oriented rock with lots of "tasteful" blues-influenced electric guitar work. It's not quite of the same level as Moore's best, though: White is a competent but unexciting singer and the melody is underwhelming leaving the ultimate effect rather bland. If indeed I did hear it in 1984 I don't think I'd have given it a second thought.

As anyone who's seen Attenborough In Paradise will know, birds of paradise can be fascinatingly exciting creatures. They deserve better than this.

Available on: Pure Gold: The Solo Years

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