Saturday, 20 June 2009

Re-Flex 'The Politics Of Dancing'

Chart Peak: 28


Apologies for the break in transmission. I've not been well and I can't really claim that the prospect of having to write about this helped me much on the road to recovery.

It's hard to imagine a more 1980s-sounding title than 'The Politics Of Dancing', and for me it's hard to work out how much of this record is supposed to be a joke. Perhaps they did intend to create some sort of nightmarish Orwellian vision (since this single was released in January 1984) but the po-faced way they sing "The politics of ooh feeling good," make that hard to believe. Either way, my reaction is less terror than derision. Maybe if they'd released this about five years later, the title and even the lyric about how "the politicians have become DJs" might have seemed topical. But I don't think this qualifies them as soothsayers somehow.

Despite only being a minor hit in their homeland, this single managed a similar level of success in the USA. They never returned to the Top 75 in either country though.

Available on:
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