Monday, 20 April 2009

Mark Morrison 'Return Of The Mack'

Chart Peak: 1 (2 weeks)


Well, at least this one doesn't really need an introduction. One of the UK's biggest hits of 1996 and a relatively rare case of British urban music successfully exported to the USA. Back over here he was successful enough to score four more Top 10 singles off the back of this, hence his appearance on I Love 1996 (posted on his official YouTube channel!) We used to find this record hilarious at the time, complete with his odd sub-Bobby Brown voice, his curious interjections over the chorus (he's not really saying "terrace", unfortunately), and those repeated phrases at the end of the verses ("But I do-do-do"). Then there was the figure of Morrison himself, hosting Top Of The Pops in a fake American accent (I knew because I'd heard him on the radio without it before) and waving pairs of handcuffs around. He seems to have taken it all too seriously though, as proved by his repeated attempts at comebacks and his picking a fight with his hometown.

On a purely musical level, it's a competent enough track. I suppose the beat from 'Genius Of Love' makes for another very tenuous Talking Heads connection.

Also appearing on: Now 36
Available on: Return of the Mack

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