Saturday, 25 April 2009

Los Del Mar 'Macarena'

Chart Peak: 43


Yes, you read that right. Los Del Mar.
Unless you're considerably younger or older than I am you probably already know about the massive phenomenon that was the original Los Del Rio version of 'Macarena', or at any rate the remix that ultimately crossed over to North America and Europe. Evidently, though, Box Music were unable to licence that, so they ended up with this cover version, released in Canada in 1995 and issued here as a spoiler.

British buyers weren't fooled, but in Australia it managed to peak at 2 behind the Los Del Rio version: as if anything like that would ever happen here. Of course, everyone knows the song, and this sticks as close as legally permissible to the Bayside Boys production of the hit. Singer Wil Veloz has a slightly lower pitch than Los Del Rio, but otherwise there's not much to say here.

Available on:
La Bomba (MP3 album)

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