Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Todd Terry featuring Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown 'Keep On Jumpin'

Chart Peak: 8

YouTube [not the official video obviously, but probably a lot cuter]

Another case of two competing versions of the song, but a more felicitous choice by the compilers. 'Keep On Jumpin' was originally the flipside of Musique's 1978 disco hit 'In The Bush' (not an ode to Australian tourism) but in 1996 record buyers could choose between one version by the Lisa Marie Experience (which sampled the Musique original) and Todd Terry's, which is re-sung by Wash and Jocelyn Brown, the latter of whom is reputed to have sung on the original. Confused? You will be.

The LM Experience were the first onto the shelves in the UK and peaked one position higher, although Terry performed slightly better in the US. Much as I was annoyed by Todd Terry at the time, largely due to the hundreds of near-identical remixes he seemed to be doing of everything, I have to admit that his version has aged the better, possibly due to the enthusiastic vocal performances. Not the sort of record I get excited about, but I can hear a job well done there. And Box Music - you chose right this time.

Also appearing on:
Now 37
Available on: Jocelyn Brown - The Hits

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