Thursday, 2 April 2015

Take That 'Could It Be Magic'

Chart Peak: 3
Take That's version of 'Could It Be Magic', a hit for its co-writer Barry Manilow, was voted Best Single Of 1992 by Radio 1 listeners... It followed 'A Million Love Songs', I Found Heaven' and 'It Only Takes A Minute' into the Top 20 and finally peaked at No. 3 in January '93.
Not sure I'd have voted it the Best Take That Single Of 1992, but that's boyband fans for you. What's not mentioned in the sleevenote - and wouldn't have been considered worth mentioning at the time - is that this one of the two first-run Take That singles to feature Robbie Williams on lead vocal, and as a result I recall this getting played on VH-1 a good deal at the turn of the century to the exclusion of almost anything else by the group, due to the massive fame of the solo Williams at the time. Oddly, I don't remember 'Everything Changes' getting the same exposure. It's a pretty functional kind of cover, which sounds slightly less dated than I expected now, possibly because it wasn't that up to date at the time either. It's not particularly interesting either though, so my attention is drawn more to the video. Frankly it looks like they were paying more attention to their dance moves than the song too, which might explain why Gary Barlow, whom you'd expect to be bang up for a Manilow cover, is hardly in it. It's one of those singles that seems to do the job rather than impressing.

Also appearing on: Now 22, 26, 29, 66, 67, 68, 72, 73, 78, 79, 90
Available on: Never Forget - The Ultimate Collection

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