Friday, 24 April 2015

Annie Lennox 'Love Song For A Vampire'

Chart Peak: 3
Following the huge critical and commercial success of Eurythmics, Annie's solo career has started in fine fashion wih Top Ten hits 'Why', 'Walking On Broken Glass' and this February '93 smash from the film 'Dracula'.
This is the song I remember from her double A-sided hit, although some people seem to recall the flipside 'Little Bird' instead. I suppose it boils down to which radio station you were listening to in 1993 if any. I didn't see the film Bram Stoker's Dracula, and probably shouldn't have since I wasn't yet 15 at the time of the UK release date. But the song is actually quite good, with hindsight possibly the best thing she'd done since the early Eurythmics days because it has that haunting, spare quality that I associate with 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Love Is A Stranger', but which they started to lose as they got more bombastic and stadium-oriented. At times, solo Lennox drifts into overproduction but on this occasion she and Steven Lipson knew when to stop (perhaps they were working to a deadline?) and the melody is in the right place to show her voice at its best. Not a song I listen to every day, but a quiet masterpiece.

Also appearing on: Now 22
Available on: The Annie Lennox Collection

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