Saturday, 4 April 2015

Snap 'Exterminate'

Chart Peak: 2
'Exterminate', which made No. 2 in January '93, features the vocals of Niki Harris... It was the follow-up to the worldwide No. 1 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'.
Sources seem to vary as to whether the name of the act or the song title should have exclamation marks in them but the Now 24 sleeve has neither.
I know this isn't setting the bar very high, but Snap (or Snap!) had more hits than you might think. They may only be remembered for their two chart-toppers, but they came close to a third in the admittedly low sales environment of January 1993 with this, the seventh of nine Top 10 singles (if you include the Megamix). Apparently this is a reworking of an album track called 'Ex-Terminator', although you'd have expected it to be the other way around. Despite the co-credit for vocalist Niki Harris in some places, there actually aren't a lot of vocals on this track, which is kind of a relief after the infamous lyrics in 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'. There is a lot of that synthesised panpipe sound that seemed very popular in the few years either side of 1990 and the result is even less involving than the Sub Sub track and hardly memorable, though it's certainly not bad.

Also appearing on: Now 22
Available on: Snap! The Power Greatest Hits

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