Monday, 20 April 2015

Sunscreem 'Pressure US'

Chart Peak: 19
Lucia, Paul, Darren, Rob and Sean are Sunscreem... 'Pressure US' is their 4th hit in recent times and has followed 'Love U More', 'Perfect Motion' and 'Broken English' into the charts.
Because the sleeve of Now 24 is all in capitals, as is that of the original single, it's not entirely clear whether this track is called 'Pressure Us' or 'Pressure US' and I've seen both versions used but the latter seems the more common. It's also the more logical since this is a reworking of an earlier single called 'Pressure'. The remake was occasioned by the American Top 40 success of their previous single ' Love U More', a rare achievement for a British techno act then (or ever, really). Mind you, they are somewhat closer to a typical rock band, or at least to early-90s dance-rock outfits like Jesus Jones and EMF (also relatively successful in the US) than to more faceless rave acts. They even have a very of-its-time looking performance video.

It's a good song, if slightly dated now, but it proved to be their last big hit before their career lost momentum and drifted into a leagacy unfinished albums and bankrupt record labels. Officially they still exist but haven't been heard from in a while.

Available on: Pressure US

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