Monday, 13 April 2015

Arrested Development 'Tennessee (The Mix)'

Chart Peak: 18
'Tennessee' became A.D.'s 3rd big British hit in March '93 following 'People Everyday' and 'Mr. Wendal' into the UK chart... It has been described as the group's "open letter to God".
They weren't quite as inventive with their remix titles as East 17. Then again, they probably took themselves a bit more seriously. 'Tennessee' certainly comes from a more serious inspiration, as lead singer Speech's brother died shortly after their grandmother's funeral. The song seems to react with more exasperation than rage, but they're not an act I've ever really been able to warm to. At least this avoids the preachy tone of some of their hits though, and in this remixed form it has a definite funk edge. It owes some of that to an uncleared Prince sample though.

Also appearing on: Now 23
Available on: Greatest Hits

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