Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tina Moore 'Never Gonna Let You Go'

Chart Peak: 7
'Never Gonna Let You Go' broke onto the UK clubscene when it was discovered on the B-side of Rosie Gaines' anthem 'Closer Than Close'... Released as a single in its own right it peaked in the charts at No. 7.
I'm not sure exactly which version of 'Closer Than Close' this was ever the B-side to: presumably a white label 12" since the formats of the Gaines single which went Top 10 were all mixes of the same song. Either way, of course, I was entirely unaware of this track until it entered the chart although when it did I recognised the looped vocal from the hit 'RIP Groove' by Double 99; that had been a minor hit earlier in the year and was about to be re-issued to greater success. We're in the first big wave of crossover success for UK garage, which produced a number of hits and popular remixes in 1997 and early 1998 and then seemed to disappear (commercially) for a couple of years until the emergence of the two-step sound at the turn of the century. Although the original version of the song had been a minor US RnB hit a couple of years before, it's a fairly generic track and it's only the "Kelly G Bump-N-Go Vocal Mix" the made the song a UK smash. Not the sort of music I cared about at all back then but listening back it has a rather broken, jerky sound that I quite like - it gives it more energy and personality than a lot of dance tracks.

Available on: The Masters Series: 90's RnB

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