Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dario G 'Sunchyme'

Chart Peak: 2
Dario G sampled the Dream Academy's classic 'Life In A Northern Town' to score a No. 2 smash in September with 'Sunchyme'.

It's probably not the record they wanted to break, but 'Sunchyme' has its own place in history: of more than a thousand singles that have now peaked at 2, none has been as many sales behind the Number One as this was on the chart dated 29th September 1997. Of course that Number One was the biggest seller of all time, 'Candle In The Wind 97' in its first full week of sales so theirs was no disgrace - actual sales were pretty good.

Back in 1997 I hadn't knowingly heard 'Life In A Northern Town', and if you'd asked me to guess what the sample source for 'Sunchyme' was, I'd never have guessed it was a wistful ballad about Nick Drake. It just sounded like another euphoric pseudo-ethnic dance track and I was more irritated than anything else. I don't mind it so much, even despite hearing Chris Evans play it on the radio just after I arrived at work almost every Monday this year.

Also appearing on: Now 48
Available on: The Workout Mix - Beach Fit! [+Digital Booklet]

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