Thursday, 25 December 2014

DJ Quicksilver 'Free'

Chart Peak: 7
'Free' was DJ Quicksilver's 2nd UK Top 10 hit of 1997... It reached No. 7 in late August as the follow-up to 'Bellissima' (No.4)
And a merry Christmas to you, should you actually be reading this post on the day of publication. I'm writing this a couple of days in advance for obvious reasons, and whilst I know some bloggers like to write special festive posts, I'm lumbered by my format with this decidedly un-seasonal trance number. Mind you, thousands of people will have unwrapped a copy of Now 38 17 years ago today and most of them probably played them in their bedrooms or their cars on the day, so they'll have heard this at the end of Disc 1.

In keeping with the spirit of generosity, I'll acknowledge that 'Free' isn't really a track made to be heard in bedrooms or cars, nor on computers in another century. I don't doubt for a moment that it's well-suited to the intended venue of a club where it can be meshed in with similar tracks. Isolated though, it's clearly just a retread of his previous hit with somebody saying "Be free" over the top of it, and sounds like an idea being hammered into the ground. And that's just the radio edit, so I can't imagine sitting through the full version. Still horses for courses and all that. See you next week for Disc 2.

Also appearing on: Now 36, 39
Available on: Quicksilver

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