Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Bellini 'Samba Di Janeiro'

Chart Peak: 8
Bellini are a multi-cultural group of singers and dancers... Their massive Euro hit 'Samba De Janeiro' was a Top 10 smash in Britain in September '97
Notwithstanding what I said in the Ricky Martin post yesterday, songs aimed directly at the dance market are a slight exception to Britain's shunning of foreign-language hits, though of course there aren't many words in this song and none that will be unfamiliar to most Anglophones. Even so, you'll notice that it didn't chart here until September which I think is quite a while after it came out elsewhere; it is of course especially late to release a song called 'Samba of January'.

Wikipedia describes this as a "football based hit" although it's hard to see any connection beyond the fact that it's Brazilian in inspiration and Brazilians are quite good at football. Still, some YouTube commenters have suggested that it would have been a better theme song for the 2014 World Cup than the Pitbull/Jennifer Lopez tie-up that got the official nod, and indeed I'd have tended to agree were the track not 17 years old by then. Inevitably the track was opportunistically re-issued this summer anyway.

Despite its Latin American sound though, the track actually originates from another successful soccer nation: the founding members were three German producers lurking behind the dancers and vocalists. Though the Bellini name never troubled the UK chart again, the same trio regrouped under the more Germanic name Paffendorf, scoring a hit here in 2002 with the rather belated Tarantino pastiche 'Be Cool'. So there's nothing "authentic" about this track, if you believe in such notions, but it's an energetic throwaway with a tactfully short radio edit (two-and-a-half minutes). Probably works better dropped among several similar tracks though, and despite the title December might not be the best time to be listening to it either.

Also appearing on: Now 52 [as Paffendorf]
Available on: Brasil!

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