Monday, 15 December 2014

Sash! featuring La Trec 'Stay'

Chart Peak: 2
'Stay' was the third massive hit of 1997 for Sash!... They are the first act to start their UK chart career with 3 consecutive No. 2 hits, the others being 'Encore Une Fois' and 'Ecuador'.
Not just three Number 2s, but also their first three hits were in different languages, albeit that the music of Sash! was not particularly noted for its lyrical complexity. That said, 'Stay' is a more conventional song with a full lyric (unsurprisingly in English) and for that reason less distinctive than the previous two hits. Nothing actually wrong with it but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere or do anything for me.

Also appearing on: Now 36, 37 [with Rodriguez], 39, 41 [with Shannon], 42, 45, 71 [with Stunt]
Available on: The Best Of

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