Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hot Chocolate 'You Sexy Thing'

Chart Peak: 6
Errol Brown's 'You Sexy Thing' was originally a No. 2 hit for Hot Chocolate back in 1975... It hit the Top 10 again in 1987 and is due for re-release by public demand on 3rd November '97 following its use in the hugely successful movie The Full Monty.
Now, my recollection from seeing the film is that they used the original 1975 mix of the song (as they used many other songs from that era, although the setting was contemporary) and indeed the soundtrack album uses that version. It was the lead track from the CD single too, and even the Now 38 booklet uses the 1975 copyright date but somehow, by accident or design, the actual CD plays the 1987 Ben Liebrand remix. That's a pity because it duplicates the version on Now 9 (admittedly never available on CD) and, as I've previously mentioned, the remix isn't all that good. It sounds especially out of place on a 1990s album - a 1997 remix might be dated now but at least it would have been somehow fitting at the time, but this is just disappointing.

If you do consider the versions together, this was an unprecedented Top 10 run in separate decades for the track. In another little curiosity, this was the third version of the song to chart within as many months. A cover by T-Shirt slipped in at 63 just a couple of weeks after the film was released (surely too soon for an intentional cash-in) and went on to be a major hit in Australasia, whilst Clock took the song to the Top 20 in October (as 'U Sexy Thing') and that version overlapped in the chart with this reissue.

Also appearing on: Now 2, 9 [same track]
Available on: The Best Of Hot Chocolate

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