Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sly Fox 'Let's Go All The Way'

Chart Peak: 3


Originally charted back in May, climbed steadily at first and then raced to No 3 by 15th July

I'm not sure whether the big crashing sythesised drums and the weirdly disembodied semi-human voice chanting "zhum zhum zinny zinny" are supposed to represent the soul-crushing daily urban life that this song is supposed to be about escaping from, or whether they just thought you had to sound like that to get played on the radio in the mid-eighties. Either way, the production (complete with wacky stereo effects) is probably the most interesting element of this record, which fails to live up to its title: somehow it never quite seems to get into gear once it's started.

The chorus is catchy enough that it's not surprising that this became a major hit:  I thought I remembered the song but like a lot of songs from this time, it's blander than I thought. Evidently, for all its success it didn't seem to build up much of an audience for their other singles or the album, all of which sank without trace. I've never been to New York City, by the way, but I don't think it really resembles an applecore.

Available on: This Is... 1986

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