Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Thompson Twins 'Hold Me Now'

Chart Peak: 4


They weren't really twins. Kerr-razy! And they weren't even called Thompson!

I do wonder whether they came to regret that name, because the main thing I recall about their career was them appearing on many a TV show having to explain it. Even if they didn't regret it, many a Richard Thompson fan misdirected by record store staff surely did.

Something I didn't remember was how much marimba there is on this track. Once I'd noticed it seemed to dominate it: in fact, it feels like there are a lot of little gimmicks in the production to try and gee it up, or maybe they just didn't know when to stop. They certainly didn't know when to stop repeating the chorus at the end of the record, as if they were determined to make sure you couldn't forget it (if so, the trick worked - it was their biggest-selling UK single). Accomplished as it is, though, it's a record I find it hard to feel strongly about.

Also appearing on: Now 3, 4
Available on: Into the Gap

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